Made up of over 500 members from all across our community and all walks of life, we are a strong and diverse team, committed to improving Bromsgrove.

From attending regular social events and meetings, to joining in with our campaigns on local issues, and perhaps even standing for office yourself, there are so many ways you can get involved.

The Labour Party is a grassroots campaigning organisation and we rely on our members volunteering their time to campaign and get our key campaign message out to voters across the country. A key part of building a campaign team is to find out what you care about and what difference you would like to see locally. Our strength is our membership and we can work together to campaign and affect change, here in Bromsgrove.

Our aim is to campaign throughout the year in Bromsgrove. This can involve campaigning for upcoming elections, or on national issues such as the NHS or on very localised targeted issues such as street lighting in a particular ward or the provision of dropped kerbs in a particular street. Ever year we have elections across the Worcestershire County, City, Borough, Town, Parish and District councils, and unlike the Tories, we don’t rely on a small number of super-wealthy donors, we rely on our dedicated members to support our campaigning efforts.

Depending on people’s preferences, members have taken part in door-knocking, telephoning, delivering leaflets, stuffing envelopes, staffing street stalls and attending demos. We believe that door knocking, and canvassing voters is still the best way of getting a feel for what people are thinking and finding out what is important in the local area.

We can support new members through training and mentoring to give you the skills to be able to do all of these confidently and competently. It is vital that we work together to bring about change in Bromsgrove and ensure that we elect Labour representatives at a local and national level.

During the Covid restriction we have moved “online”, meeting as a local party through Zoom and other online platforms.

Jargon Buster

From CLPs to NPF, you might have come across a lot of confusing acronyms used by the Labour Party. In our jargon buster, we’ve explained some of the terms you’re likely to hear.

  • AGM – Annual General Meeting:

Yearly meetings of all members within a branch or CLP where the executive committee reports on activity and elections are held to fill roles for the next year.

  • BLP – Branch Labour Parties:

Branch Labour Parties operate over an electoral ward. Branch is the collective term for all party members within that ward (or wards). Branch meetings are usually held on a monthly basis.

  • CLP – Constituency Labour Parties:

This is the local Labour Party within your parliamentary constituency. There is a Constituency Labour Party in every Parliamentary Constituency of England and Wales, for every Holyrood Parliamentary Constituency in Scotland and for members overseas.

  • EC or Exec – Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee is a sub-group of the CLP, they deal with business matters (money etc.) so that the CLP can concentrate on political and campaigning issues.

  • AMM – All Members Meeting

The All Members Meeting of local party meets monthly and is open to all party members in Bromsgrove CLP, delegates are also invited from Trade Union’s and affiliated organisations.

  • Labour Group

This is made up of all the Labour Councillors in the local government authority.

  • CLP Officers/ Co-ordinators

Role holders handle the day to day running of the local party. They can be part of the Executive Committee but they mainly co-ordinate campaigns, fundraising or socials. The positions are voted on each year at the AGM.

  • National Executive Committee (NEC)/Regional Board

The NEC is the committee that is responsible for the day to day running of the Labour Party. They keep a check on the politics, organisation, and finances of the party. The NEC is the Committee of the National Labour Party, in Wales there is the WEC (Welsh Executive Committee), Scotland has

the SEC (Scottish Executive Committee) and each region has a ‘Regional Board’. There are different representatives on these committees from all sections of the Labour Party including a constituency representative, Youth delegate, and representatives from Trade Unions and affiliates. They also decide on candidates in by-elections and which seats will select candidates from All Women Shortlists (AWS).

  • Panel

When people have applied to be a local government candidate they go through the application and interview process and if successful they are placed onto ‘the panel’. A candidate is then selected from ‘the panel’.

  • Affiliates

These are the wider part of the Labour Movement, for example trade unions and other groups pay a fee to ‘affiliate’ to the Labour Party. They have a say in internal elections.

Get involved in our local Labour Party as a member

You can also take part in shaping Labour policy in your local Constituency Labour Party (CLP) or Branch Labour Party (BLP). Among other things, our CLP meetings discuss policy and make submissions to the policy process; submit motions for debate at Annual Conference; nominate members for election to the National

Policy Forum; and take part in shaping our local manifesto for council elections. If you have ideas for policy events or discussions you’d like to see organised in the CLP, please get in touch with our Policy Officer.

You can join the Labour Party by clicking here.

Annual Conference

Labour’s Annual Conference is the sovereign policy-making body in the Labour Party. Any party member can be elected by their CLP as a delegate to represent their local party or can go along informally as a visitor. Conference debates and issues that arise outside of the NPF’s work.

There are also a number of Policy Seminars that take place at Conference, where ordinary members can discuss important issues directly with members of the Shadow Cabinet and feed their ideas into the policy process.