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Bromsgrove Labour Group plan to amend the upcoming Budget.

Over the last ten years and more local parks/recreation grounds have been neglected while Bromsgrove Council have concentrated on Sanders Park.

This has been good for those able use Sanders Park and welcomed, but outlying districts have seen little investment and many have been the recipients of cutbacks.

Green spaces are an important part of the outlying districts of Bromsgrove which should include a broad range of public green space includes: parks and gardens, recreation grounds and playing fields, allotments. Unfortunately, this is not the case in many outlying districts, but it should be.

There should be a variety and contrast of types to help to ensure that everybody’s outdoor leisure and recreational preferences can be accommodated and the broadest possible range of benefits delivered. However, most of the equipment in many of our parks is more than ten years old there just is not a variety of activities for the general public to become engaged in. The Council lacks vision with many of our green spaces being ignored when a variety of activities could be created.

That is why labour councillors at next week’s council meeting when the budget is being decided we will be asking for £150,000 to be invested in our outlying recreation grounds and parks.