Cllr Peter McDonald has made the following comments with regards to Banning Barbeques on The Waseley Hills:

With the Lickey Hills being plagued by fires mainly caused by barbeques and the number of animals being injured by throw away barbeques; I have asked the County Council to increase the number of signs warning people against having barbeques on the hills and making visitors aware barbeques are banned.

As amazing as the emergency services have been, we shouldn’t have to rely on already-stretched public services to tackle completely preventable fires and the damage they do. Such throw away items which are not only environmentally unfriendly due to their packaging and disposal, but also repeatedly cause enormous, irreparable damage to our countryside and injury to both domestic and wild animals, should be banned without question.

Unfortunately, once people have had a barbeque and enjoyed themselves it would seem the last thing they think of is clearing up the mess. People need to be aware that barbeques are banned on the hills. The hills are there for people to enjoy themselves and walk their dogs without fear of them being injured.