Statement from Labour Group Leader, Cllr Peter McDonald:

“At Bromsgrove District Council Meeting Wednesday the controlling group admitted taking well above their own evaluation the offer by BDHT for them to build eighteen affordable dwellings on the old Council site in Burcot Lane.

It just wasn’t a couple of pounds above its worth but hundreds of thousands of pounds. The Tory controlled Council are fully aware there is a desperate need for affordable houses in Bromsgrove and for every pound the Council rips off BDHT, is a pound less spent on much needed affordable housing.

Affordable housing schemes aim to make cheaper homes available for people who can’t afford to buy or rent at market rates. Rather than purely focus on homeownership. The Council had the opportunity to help to tackle two challenges: the current economic downturn, and the unaffordability and unsuitability of the current housing market for low-income households.

Unfortunately, the Tory controlled Council decided to profiteer from the, knowingly proposing to take from a housing provider well above its valuation and in doing so reducing the availability of funding BDHT has for building much need homes for the people of Bromsgrove.

The actions of the tory Controlled Council don’t just mirror a private corporation out to make much money as they can regardless of the social cost, but those of a Carpetbagger. Looking as though they were acting in good faith when they are taking advantage of a group for its own personal benefit: ignoring those who do not have the means to become homeowners.

The actions of the Council can only be described as those of a Carpetbagger putting profit before homes for the thousands of families in need of housing.”