Bromsgrove Labour in the Local Press – Council Budget

Press Release

From: Councillor McDonald

Issue: Bromsgrove Council Budget

Peter says:

“At a time of rising taxes, rising prices and a squeeze on wages and living standards Bromsgrove Tory controlled council are proposing to increase the council tax by £5.

Although,  63 per cent of workers expect their pay to go up by less than prices this year as experts predict that soaring energy costs could see the consumer price index inflation rate top 7 per cent by April.

Local residents are suffering the worst squeeze on wages in more than 200 years and the last thing hard-pressed households need right now is an increase in council tax.  Families are bracing themselves for a £700 hike in energy bills as gas producers make £750 in profit per second. However, the council instead of helping families are kickining them in the teeth pushing them into poverty.

That is why the Labour Councillors will be  putting an alternative budget to that of the Tories that will reduce the council tax by 1% (£2.30), helping families not kicking them in the teeth.” ENDS

Contact:  07472400949