We are pleased to announce that members have now selected Bren Henderson to fight the Bromsgrove By-election on the 31st October.

If you haven’t met Bren already, here’s a little about our Local Party Secretary in her own words:

“On October 31st, there will be a by-election in Bromsgrove South Division for a new County Councillor to replace Chris Bloore, who has recently moved. I will be fighting this election as Labour’s candidate and am writing to introduce myself and ask for your support.”

“I grew up in the East End of London, raised by my grandparents and it was from my grandfather, an émigré from Lithuania, that I learned the value of service, of sticking up for those who could not stick up for themselves and above all who gave me a sense of justice and fairness.”

“I have lived in Bromsgrove now for twenty-three years, having moved here from London. Moving here was one of the best decisions that we, as a family made – I love our town and I am very proud of it. Representing this community at County Hall would be an honour and I would look forward to fighting for the interests of all residents. I raised my three children in the town and have wide experience of the local schools, shops, library, businesses and arts provision as well as the many facilities as provided by the council. It is this experience and familiarity that will give me a solid foundation to serving you on the council.”

“I have a wide range of interests and was latterly a UNISON Steward where I successfully assisted members in resolving issues. My role as a school librarian developed my passion for education and working with young people. What do these things have to do with being a councillor? It is these same problem-solving skills that I will apply to resolving your local issues and getting the best for Bromsgrove South.”

“I am now self-employed as a stained-glass artist and illustrator and consequently understand the problems faced by those working for themselves or who have small businesses.”

“Bromsgrove South needs active representation at County Hall, a representative that will speak out against the neglect being inflicted upon our high-street, the cuts to services, both vital and leisure. I am proud of what Labour has achieved within the community, from rebuilding the Stoke Prior Community Centre, securing resurfacing work across the division, encouraging local engagement through the community garden scheme to leading the successful fight to bring the town market back into public hands. We have a proven track record and will continue to push for a fairer deal for residents.”

Bren Henderson