Comments from Cllr Peter McDonald:

“Rubery resembles the wild west at times with vehicles parked all over the place, on double yellow lines, zig zags and fully on the pavement, forcing people to walk in the road.

Unfortunately, you must give the enforcement officers notice if you want them to patrol your area, because there just is not enough of them to make are streets safe for pedestrians. Many residents have witnessed cars parking on double yellow lines creating a danger on bends obstructing visibility and putting residents at risk.

Shoppers have approached me over their concerns of having to walk in the road because of cars parked fully on the pavement, putting them in danger of oncoming vehicles.

Residents, mother toddlers should be able to shop in Rubery High Street without fear of having to walk in the road because of illegal parking, it’s outrageous that this is allowed to happen, all because the Council will not employ enough enforcement officers to maintain traffic regulations that make it safe for pedestrians.

I have called once again on the Chief Executive of Bromsgrove District Council to employ the right number of enforcement officers to maintain some order in our high street.”


Good news. The Chief Executive of Bromsgrove District Council has agreed to increase the number of Civil Enforcement Officers from mid-November, so hopefully things should improve from then on.