Cllr Peter McDonald says:

“A Council Tax Freeze is a must with thousands of Bromsgrove residents facing unemployment when furlough ends and struggling now to pay their bills.

Low-paid workers who are furloughed under the coronavirus Job Retention Scheme surviving on less than the minimum wage of £8.72 an hour for people aged at least 25, analysis from the Office for National Statistics revealed last month. Now facing utilities rises as well as the County Council raising its council tax along with Bromsgrove Council.

It cannot be right for Bromsgrove Council to propose an increase in council tax of over of over 2%; on top of all the other increases residents face will plunge our lowest paid into poverty, when we should all be working together to overcome this crisis.

The council flowering up the increase by stating its only five pounds are nothing more than weasel words to hide their contempt for the residents of Bromsgrove and have no understanding of the financial hardship residents are going through.

Labour’s alternative budget will maintain services while at the same time ensuring that there is a council tax freeze recognising the financial hardship thousands of residents are facing.”