Councillors Chris Bloore and Michael Thompson have been taking action in the Rock Hill / Bromsgrove South area to tackle speeding. Motorists will have noticed the new speed activation sign on Rock Hill, which was purchased from Chris Bloore’s county division fund when residents, who use the road, contacted the councillors with their concerns about the speed of cars approaching the brow of Rock Hill. Residents also contacted the councillors about speeding on Wheatridge Road in Stoke Heath. Chris and Michael were keen to continue their campaign against speeding by creating a Local Community Speed Watch Group in the area. However, they were outraged when the Community Speed Watch Co-ordinator for Warwickshire and West Mercia Police wrote to them, following their request, to say that “Wheatridge Road is not suitable from a Community Speed Watch point-of-view”. The Community Speed Watch Coordinator added they should “contact the local Safer Neighbourhood Team”. What is particularly sad is that the Tory PCC, John Campion, boasts on the West Mercia website about investing in this – more Tory lies it seems.