It beggars belief that the County Council who resurfaced the pavements in New Road, Rubery: did not finish all the works and will now have to return.

The bus shelter on the opposite side of the road to St Chads Church in New Road was to be removed, because its present location causes the pavement to be blocked while people are waiting for a bus.

The relocation of the bus shelter should have been completed sometime ago but it made economic sense to have it relocated while works to the pavement were being carried out. For some unknown reason this was never done and having to return to complete the works is a wasteful use of money and resources.

There can be no excuse for such incompetence at a time local authorities are finding it hard to make ends meet as indeed a great number of residents are finding it hard to find money to pay their council tax.

Those responsible for such incompetence should be taken to task immediately, as there should be no place for such incompetence in any local authority