Cross-Party Support For The Expansion of The Ban on Evictions

Labour Group leader comments on recent developments at Bromsgrove District Council:

“I am pleased that the Leader of the Council has given support to my request that as Leader of the Council she sends a letter to the Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick calling upon him to implement urgent measures to protect renters as the temporary ban on evictions comes to a close at the end of next month.

Renters who have accrued arrears due to the covid-19 to receive eviction protection until the pandemic is over and to introduce legislation to make this happen.

With the Leader of the Council giving support to the extension of the ban on evictions the Housing Minister will realise this is not about politics but the wellbeing of all those who have been furloughed and experiencing financial hardship.

It is estimated that 60 per cent of renters have suffered income loss. As it currently stands, the future for renters in the District is incredibly precarious — with mounting financial pressure and job insecurity caused by the pandemic leaving many struggling to pay rent.

Hopefully, the Minister will take seriously the call from the Leader of the Council”