Statement from Cllr Peter McDonald:

“Inconsiderate and dangerous parking along the Old Birmingham Road is increasingly causing problems around Lickey School, putting the safety of children and others at risk. Cars parking inconsiderately or on zigzag lines causing visibility issues for pedestrians of all ages who are crossing the road network to get to and from school. The pavement being totally blocked by parked cars forcing pedestrians to walk in the road putting their lives in danger.

There is no doubt parents and residents recognise the implications for children of parents parking outside schools on double yellow lines. Local residents who have contacted me are concerned that poor parking increases congestion and makes it harder for drivers to see children crossing the road, thereby potentially putting school children in danger.

Therefore, I have called upon the local police to take whatever action is necessary to ensure the safety of children, parents and pedestrians. What’s going on is just plain dangerous and if something is not done very shortly someone is going to be seriously hurt.”