“Once again the County Council is using the pandemic to cut vital services. This time it is Day Centres they are refusing to re-open.

It beggar’s belief that Council could treat such a group with utter contempt and no appreciation at all regarding the care they give the less able.

Day Centres are vital as they give respite to parents and carers. Without the Parents and carers looking after the less able the cost to the Council would be in the hundreds of thousands of pounds. Without such respite many parents and carers would be unable to cope with the pressures and demands made upon them.

The County Council is using the pandemic as an excuse not to reopen the centres by stating they are consulting those concerned regarding a better way of delivering the service. Going by the actions of the council this does means something different, no service, no day centres.

The consultation is nothing more than a sham. The County have paid an organisation called ‘Speakeasy’ £750 to carry out the consultation and now admit after some pressure that only twenty-five per cent of those using day centres are being consulted. Therefore, presenting falsely the response as a true representation of what people want. This is absolutely disgusting and verges on sharp practice.

I have called upon the Council to re-open the Centres as soon as possible as it has been an extremely difficult and demanding for parents and carers throughout the lock-down and many are at breaking point.”

Cllr Peter McDonald