Rock Hill Councillor, Harrison Rone-Clarke has written to Bromsgrove Council leader with regards to the murder of George Floyd and the resulting protests:

Dear Cllr May,

I’m writing to you with  that have taken place in mind…

As I’m sure you’ll agree, rooting out racism and anti-blackness is a marathon, a constant need to look into yourself and make improvements where necessary, nobody can hide from this responsibility as, in order to truly be an ally to the black community is not to simply declare ‘non-racism’ but ‘anti-racism.’

Therefore, I am writing to ask you to consider how we, as a local authority can set up a space/mechanism to allow us to step up to this task…my instinct is a permanent working party (potentially within O and S remit) reporting to council on a regular basis (annual or every six-months) investigating various racial disparities within the council’s operations e.g. our workforce, how easily BAME Bromsgrovians can access investment both individually and within their community etc…

Please be assured that, while I don’t usually shy away from criticisms of the administration, that’s just politics, I take this effort incredibly seriously and would, as a matter of principle, not seek to score political points from this…the issue of racism is one in which we need to have frank and constructive discussions, the number one priority would be working together to secure improvements within our authority.

I hope you are open minded to this proposal (or something along similar lines).

Hope you’re keeping safe and well.

Warm regards,

Cllr Harrison Rone-Clarke – Rock Hill Ward