The Labour Group in Bromsgrove is calling upon Councillor Karen May the Leader of the Council to write to the Government urging it to ensure that any Covid-19 vaccine is affordable for all.

The only way to make sure the vaccine is kept affordable is for the Government to commit to crown-use licensing for any Covid-19 vaccines and medicines. Commitment to this form of use, known internationally as compulsory licensing. This legal instrument provides flexibilities for the protection of public health and

promotes access to medicines for all, meaning that a patented treatment could be taken and manufactured at a lower cost as a generic medicine. Similar steps have already been taken in Germany, Canada, Chile and Ecuador.

Covid-19 is unprecedented as a public health emergency, and access to these medical products cannot be restricted by intellectual property rights. I am sure this is what the residents of Bromsgrove would expect and as there are no council meetings for it to be discussed, the Leader will hopefully write on our behalf to the Government.”