Comments from Cllr Peter McDonald: “I was somewhat shocked and disappointed in the light of the recognition throughout Europe that black lives matter and the acceptance that they are not treated in the same manner white people are.

Therefore, I believe it is important that that the County Council conforms to current UK legislation and promote equality and diversity in connection with race, caste, national origin, religion, age, disability, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, union membership and political affiliation.

This was not shared with by the Tory controlled council who refuse point blank to have a cross party committee to carry out a fundamental review of recruitment within the Council to ensure that Worcestershire County Council is in compliance with the 2010 Qualities Act and all other employment procedures and protocols.

Even though a global report listed the UK among “regular violators” of workers rights.  It must be alarming to us all to see the UK flagged for regular violations. To be ranked alongside Russia, a country hardly renowned for its free speech and human rights record, should concern us all and bring shame to the UK government.

Hopefully, the cross-party committee would have found that the Council is not one of the violators of workers’ rights. However, it would seem there is evidence to show that the Council may be failing as there is not one chief officer who is black within the Council: demonstrating clearly a need for an investigation.”