Comments from Cllr Peter McDonald:

“It has started again with false tickets being placed on cars being parked at the dead end of Birmingham Road near the A38. This time people have been intimidated and told they would be prosecuted because it is a private road.

This is false; the road is a public road and people are entitled to park there to take walks through the woods or if they are visiting residents.

Unfortunately, people are now being harassed and intimidated and fear parking there in future. People have the right to stroll through the woods without intimidation and harassment.

At the moment there is a sign which is deliberately being misinterpreted that states no access to vehicles, which is a nonsense as there is nowhere to go as it’s a dead end and this sign does not stop vehicles parking there.

I have now asked the County Council to remove the traffic order so there can be no misunderstanding that the road is public and the public have the right to use it. I have also informed the police before there is a serious incident.”