Fly-tipping in Alvechurch Highway has raised its ugly head. Not only is fly tipping the illegal dumping of waste on land without the permission of the land owner. It’s becoming more and more common in rural areas, with plenty of fields and woods to leave unwanted rubbish and something needs to be done about it.

This type of criminal activity can have an adverse effect on the environment: dumping foreign objects in places they don’t belong can have a huge impact on the natural, social and economic environment. Potential chemicals in such waste can contaminate soil, for example – and if the land is owned by someone whose livelihood depends entirely on soil conditions, fly tipping can have a catastrophic effect. The illegal dumping of waste on public land can have a real impact on local wildlife.

When people look for a place to fly tip, the main criteria are that it has to be a quiet, remote location where they won’t get caught. What they don’t consider is that the location of their waste can have real repercussions on the surrounding environment.

What really makes you sick is the fact that a recycling centre is only a short distance away. The people doing this need to be caught and brought to justice. I have asked the County Council to take whatever action is required, putting an end to such criminal activities that is ruining our environment.

Cllr Peter McDonald