Statement from Cllr Peter McDonald:

“A Worcestershire mother was shocked at the meagre contents of the food bag she received for her child in lieu of free school meals. The purported value of the food is £30, charged to the public purse, but it surely cannot be worth a fiver.

This was issued instead of £30 voucher. There is no doubt more food and that of a better quality could have been done with a thirty pound food voucher. This is supposed to be £30 worth of lunches for a child? It looks like yet another case of the

Government helping its corporate friends become parasites of the pandemic. Unfortunately hunger is being used for financial gain.

We have to question just into whose pockets is the money for free school meals going? Who is profiteering from our hungry children being provided with disgracefully insufficient meals? Providing food bags such as these is dehumanising, humiliating, callous and cruel. Just what have our kids done to deserve this?

We are calling for the return of the national supermarket voucher scheme, which the government has now committed to restarting for children in receipt of free school meals. The Government need to get a move on with reopening the scheme and stop this profiteering at the cost of our children going hungry.

Worcestershire Cabinet Member for Schools, Cllr Marcus Heart, should personally intervene over the scandal and join us calling for the return of the national supermarket voucher scheme.”