There are simply no words that are suitable to describe the gratitude the local party has for the volunteers who showed immense commitment over the past 5 weeks. Whilst we did not win the election our achievements were significant:

1. The largest increase (9.1%) in Labour’s vote in the history of the constituency.
2. The greatest share of the Labour vote in the history of the constituency, outside of the two Labour landslides.

The election, however, was about far more than the result. Our network of volunteers has increased substantially and we will be looking to open branches in the wider parts of the constituency, such as Wythall, Hagley and Alvechurch.

Our youth movement too, under the guidance of James Morris-Knight, has also soared and played a major part in our election success – locally and nationally.

Despite this campaign and the county council campaign that came before it, we are energised. The Conservative government are on the brink of collapse. Bromsgrove Labour is ready to engage again with Bromsgrove and offer, again, a competent and fairer alternative.