We currently face a climate crisis which is already doing untold damage to wildlife, air-quality, and quality of life etc… The effects of which are being felt within our district.

The number of residents suffering with respiratory problems is rising; our roads are highly congested, our green spaces are in decline and yet, the District Council refuses to commit to making the radical changes necessary to alleviate this problem.

Bromsgrove Labour Councillors, in an attempt to commit the council to taking the steps necessary to combat this issue, have pushed for a carbon neutral Bromsgrove within the next 11 years, in line with the IPCC report on climate change released in October 2018, which highlighted the risks associated with a rise in global temperatures exceeding 1.5 degrees and asserted that, in order to prevent this, relevant actors must strive to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.

The Bromsgrove Labour Group is calling for the District Council to take steps to achieve carbon neutrality within its day-to-day operations by 2025, and to commit to achieving a carbon neutral district by 2030.

The Council has a duty to tackle climate change head on, our response to this crisis, must match the scale of the crisis.

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This morning the Labour Group, together in Sanders Park were joined by party members and local residents to launch the “Green New Deal for Bromsgrove”. If you would like to download a copy of booklet, click here.

They were also joined by the Labour Party’s Parliamentary Candidate for Bromsgrove, Rory Shannon. Rory said “This is a great booklet, with great ideas and solution to fix real problems. To make change in Bromsgrove we must have real solutions, and this plan is full of them. If Climate Change is to be tackled, it must be dealt with locally as well as nationally and internationally. This plan is a great framework for changing the way Bromsgrove Council operates.”


In line with the Bromsgrove Labour Party A Green-new-deal for Bromsgrove Cllr Sue Douglas asked this question to the Leader at the BDC Council meeting 20th November 2019:

What is the best way to get these two vital items appended to the Bromsgrove District Plan 2011-2030 without delay?

  • Protected provision for walking and cycling, with dropped kerbs, linked to public transport, should have priority when planning the most convenient option for getting about, and
  • that all new buildings including domestic housing be carbon neutral compliant and EPC Rating A, with run-off water storage, energy generation and appropriate EV points; these having now arisen given the urgency of holding back climate change and the reduction of air pollution.

Tory Cllr A D Kent was delegated to answer this question and will do so in writing shortly.


 This motion that was proposed by Cllr Sue Douglas at BDC’s Council meeting 20th November 2019:

All accompanied children under 8 may swim in the new Bromsgrove pool for free. This also applies to children and adults with disabilities and their carers. The remaining children from 8-18 need this opportunity too.

This Council calls on the Cabinet to consider extending this provision to include all children from 8-18 and that the costs associated with this be built into the budget when presented to this Council in February.

So to help alleviate Bromsgrove’s child poverty in a small way this Council proposes that the first stage of extending free children’s swimming is enabled.


This is what Cllr Sue Douglas said to propose the motion:

In moving this motion it lives within the target of the Bromsgrove District Council Plan 2019 to 2023.

Help me to live my life independently: Connect, Be active, Keep Learning

When the National Curriculum Key Stage 2 & 3 was rolled out, there was a target to get all children to swim 25m in school time. Austerity has removed this potential life-saving basic skill cutting it from their curriculum.

Childhood obesity is now common, along with diabetes and asthma increasingly killing children, not issues when I was a child and in previous decades. The opportunity for all children to swim regularly will help control these three largely unnecessary dangers. With swimming, children can maintain fitness, weight control, as well as develop lung capacity & breathing skills. On top of this is the learning of essential water safety skills, these safeguard children when they play near many different types of water or participating in water sports. As well as supporting the work of the Home and Dry Safety campaign led by Tom Jones’ parents.

By making swimming free, my preference, for all youngsters from next year’s budget, it would mean none would be subjected to, & often rejected, means-testing. There are no magic borders as to how family households & budgets are managed or stretched to allow for these entrance fees. By giving inclusion to all of them, none could fall just outside the cut-off level and lead to their not benefitting from this opportunity.

As well as fun & enjoyment, learning life preserving skills, swimming is a social event where these skills can be developed and friendships formed. Essential these days to ameliorate the effects of lonely electronic gadget immersion. This can be isolating and less than healthy for growing children forming debilitating lifelong habits. Swimming also helps with childhood mental health issues as it is both relaxing and entertaining. A meeting place off the streets for youngsters at that critical adolescent period when independence is being taken and enjoyed.

Please give Bromsgrove young people your full support by enabling all to have this opportunity to use our fantastic local facilities.

Seconded by Cllr Harrison Rone-Clarke.

The motion was lost by the Tories alone voting against it.