Bromsgrove members passed the motion below at their August meeting in support of the Fire Brigade Union (FBU). Andrew Scattergood, the FBU’s Regional Secretary commented “Thanks to everyone for the motion of support. We have received their (H&W Fire and Rescue Service) response and we’re now considering the implications”.

FBU Hereford and Worcester FBU dispute

This CLP notes that:

1. Hereford and Worcester firefighters are in dispute with their employers, after repeated attempts by the Chief Fire Officer to bypass the union. The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) has lodged a trade dispute, criticising “confrontational” management for imposing new duty systems and contracts without meaningful consultation.

2. The management of Hereford and Worcester fire and rescue service (HWFRS) have forced firefighters to perform managerial and supervisory duties outside of their contract, while new recruits have been placed on new contracts without discussion with the union.

3. Sides have clashed a number of times over the imposition of a 10-hour day shift system. After ignoring recommendations from a Technical Advisory Panel, the service gave the FBU a single day’s notice before imposing the controversial shift system.

4. The FBU is demanding the immediate return to the previous contracts, shift systems, and conditions of employment, and that all new contracts be collectively negotiated and agreed by the FBU.

5. These changes are due swinging cuts imposed on the Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service which has created dangerously low crewing levels, especially at night.

6. If the dispute is not resolved by 9th August the FBU will consider industrial action.

This CLP resolves:

1. To send a message of support to the H&W FBU Secretary.

2. To write to the Chief Fire Officer expressing our concern at the imposition of new duty systems and contracts.

3. To raise awareness of the dispute amongst Labour Party members and local residents.

4. To visit local FBU picket lines in the case of strike action and encourage members to do likewise.

5. Invite a speaker from the FBU to speak at a future Labour Party meeting.