Labour councillors Chris Bloore and Michael Thompson have invested in Charford Community Gardening Project. Chris, who has used his divisional fund and Michael, who signed over the money from the council’s New Homes Bonus scheme, are already delighted with the work the volunteers have done.

The Charford Community Gardening Project is led by local resident Sue Douglas. The group are developing gardens and public areas around Charford to transform areas of the community in order to foster a better landscape and environment for people to live. The crocuses (pictures) were planted by local volunteers and donated by a local resident. Michael says “It’s great to see people working together and showing pride in their community. I think the management who run Bromsgrove District Council could learn a lot from how these volunteers who work for free, not six figure salaries.” Chris adds “I love Charford. The spirit of this project is typical of the people who live here and it is great to see their first project so soon into the year.”