Today, Labour launches its manifesto for disabled people, “Breaking down Barriers”, which sets out how a Labour Government will enforce the right of disabled people to live independent lives.

Poverty in families where someone is disabled has risen by over a million since 2010 and almost half of all working age adults living in poverty live in a family that includes a disabled adult or child.

To tackle the scandal of disabled poverty, Labour will:

  • Make sure a disabled child on Universal Credit (UC) receives the same amount as a disabled child on Child Tax Credits.
  • Introduce a self-care element into UC to support severely disabled people without a formal carer – the equivalent of the Severe Disability Premium. Currently, severely disabled people without a carer are worse off on UC than both those on legacy benefits and those on UC who do have a carer.
  • Increase Employment and Support Allowance by £30 per week for those in the work-related activity group.
  • Increasing the Carer’s Allowance to the level of the Jobseeker’s Allowance.
  • Labour will also abolish the punitive sanctions regime, immediately suspending all sanctions and scrap the dehumanising Work Capability Assessment and Personal Independence Payment assessment which are unfit for purpose.
  • These reforms are estimated to cost around £2.6 billion 2023-24 and are accounted for in in Labour’s Grey Book ‘Funding Real Change’

It’s time for real change, it’s time for a Labour government.

Full disabled people manifesto here:

Manifesto for Disabled People

Manifesto for the workers

Today, Labour is also announcing its work manifesto, which sets out how Labour will deliver the biggest extension of workers’ rights the UK has ever seen.

Labour has also named and shamed five of the UK’s worst employers who the party says have “exploited, ripped off and dehumanised” workers. Britain’s worst offenders include Amazon, where in the last year ambulances were called to an Amazon warehouse once every two days; Sports Direct, where employees have reported being promised permanent contracts in exchange for sexual favours; and Asda, where employees were forced to sign new contracts meaning they were no longer to be paid for any breaks and be forced to work bank holidays and weekends or face the sack.

The next Labour government will:

• End bogus self-employment so that employers cannot evade workers’ rights;

• Ban zero-hour contracts and strengthen the law so that those who work regular hours for more than 12 weeks will have a right to a regular contract, reflecting those hours;

• End poverty pay by immediately introducing a Real Living Wage of £10 an hour for all workers;

• Require breaks during shifts to be paid;

• Set up a Royal Commission to bring health (including mental health) and safety legislation up to date;

• Repeal anti-trade union legislation, including the Conservatives’ undemocratic Trade Union Act 2016;

• Create a Workers Protection Agency with powers to inspect workplaces and bring prosecutions and civil proceedings on workers’ behalf;

• Give everyone full and equal rights from day one at work, whether part-time or full-time, temporary or permanent and ending the qualifying period for basic rights;

• Require employers to create and maintain workplaces free from harassment, including by third parties.

It’s time for real change, it’s time for a Labour government.

The full workers Manifesto can be found here:

Work Manifesto