Today, Jeremy Corbyn, Dawn Butler and Diane Abbott will launch Labour’s most ambitious Race and Faith Manifesto.

The new manifesto is ambitious and transformative, pushing back on nearly a decade of Tory austerity and policies that have decimated BAME and faith-based communities in particular.

While the Tories have used the divisive politics of hate, which culminated in the hostile environment and led to the Windrush scandal, Labour knows that the fight for justice and change isn’t over.

Labour’s people powered Race and Faith Manifesto takes us beyond what we’ve previously committed in how we’ll radically shift policies to ensure the economic, social or structural barriers faced are addressed.

Policy announcements as part of Labour’s new Race and Faith Manifesto include:

• The creation of an Emancipation Educational Trust to ensure historical injustice, colonialism and role of the British empire is taught in the National Curriculum;

• Extend pay gap reporting to BAME groups to tackle pay discrimination based on race;

• Establish a Race Equality Unit based within the Treasury which will review major spending announcements for its impact on BAME communities;

• End the rip-off charges for passports, visas, tests and other documentation imposed by the Home Office;

• Launch a wide ranging review into the underrepresentation of BAME teachers in schools;

• An independent review of far-right extremism which has seen significant growth over the last few years.

Whatever your background, wherever you are from, whatever your faith or religious belief, Labour believes that you should have the chance to use your talents to fulfil your potential. Labour will tackle head on the barriers that have unfairly held back so many people and communities.

It’s time for real change – it’s time for a Labour government.

A copy of the Race and Faith manifesto is attached.

You can also view the Race and Faith manifesto here:


Labour’s pension pledge:

Today, Labour will set out its offer to pensioners with Labour’s ‘Pensioners pledge card’.

Labour’s ‘Pensioners Pledge Card’ will include plans to:

• Introduce free personal care and invest £10.8 billion in social care provision

• Keep the free bus pass for older people

• Restore 3,000 bus routes that have been cut under the Tories and give councils the powers to regulate services again

• Stop the Tories taking free TV licences from over-75s

• Compensate the nearly four million women that lost out unfairly when the change in the state pension age was changed without fair notice

• Invest in Warm Homes for All with insulation for every home

• End the injustice of the state skimming 50% off the mineworkers’ pensions schemes

Labour’s new pledge card sets out our offer to restore dignity and proper support for older people after being abandoned by the Conservatives.

The scandalous state of the care system is perhaps the biggest crisis facing our country. Labour will build a new National Care Service with free care for those who need it at the heart.

It’s time for real change, it’s time for a Labour Government. 


Voter Registration Deadline

The deadline to register to vote is 11.59pm on Tuesday 26 November and traditionally there is a large spike in applications on the final day.

We need to make sure that as many people as possible are registered to vote, including your friends, your family and your networks. Help them to do so before the deadline.

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