A message from our CLP Secretary:

As you are aware, we held our hustings this evening for the CLP to select who we wish to nominate for Leader and Deputy Leader to go forward to the next stage which will be membership votes. The results of our CLP hustings do not affect members personal votes and may not reflect their own preferences. Members are still free to vote for the candidates they would like to see as Leader and Deputy Leader. The only changes that could happen as a result of CLP nominations would be if a candidate doesn’t get enough backing from CLPs nationally and has to withdraw from the contest.

During our hustings this evening, any member who wished to could speak for 3 minutes in support of a Leader candidate, Deputy Leader candidate, NEC (National Executive Council) candidates and BAME (Black,Asian and Minority Ethnic) candidate. All candidates for Leadership had at least one member speaking for them, four of the five Deputy Leadership candidates were also supported by at least one member. Votes were taken and then counted by tellers and the results of our hustings votes were as follows:

Leader – Keir Starmer

Deputy Leader – Angela Rayner

NEC representatives – Gurinder Singh Josan and Johanna Baxter

BAME NEC representative – Iram Woolley

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all those who helped organise the hustings, all those who acted as tellers and especially all those who stood up and spoke out in support of the candidates.

In solidarity,

Bren Henderson