Following on from last nights Full Council meeting , the Labour Group leader, Cllr Peter McDonald gave the following statement:

“The Labour Councillors at the District Council Meeting Wednesday put forward an alternative budget that would have set a zero council tax and investment in services.

The Labour Councillors identified £150,000 that could be invested in outlying recreation grounds after over ten years of neglect, ending the practice of investment year after year going to Sanders Park.

In addition £50,000 that could be used to install solar panels on all Council owned properties. This would not only reduce the cost of electricity but go some way in combating climate change. Also, £10,000 towards a tree planting programme and the subsidising of compost bins in an effort to combat climate change.

A staggering £170,000 was identified as surplus which we proposed could be used to offset any increase in the council tax.

Residents of Bromsgrove for over ten years have had to find extra money every one of those ten years for an increase in their council tax and at the same time have their services cut. This was an opportunity to give something back to the people of Bromsgrove in updating the outlying recreation grounds that have been neglected for over a decade.

To stop talking about climate change and actually do something about it and at long last give people and increase in services without an increase in council tax.

Labour’s alternative budget which would have given so much to the residents of Bromsgrove was thrown out, with the Tory controlled Council giving away to consultants in excess of £200,000 a year and putting surpluses into balances instead of services. Austerity is certainly not dead in Bromsgrove.”