Today, Labour will announce plans to create ten new National Nature Parks in its first term and plant two billion new trees by 2040, in order to tackle the climate and environment emergency.

As set out in its ‘Plan for Nature’, Labour will invest £1.2bn to restore natural habitats such as woodland, grasslands, meadows, peatbogs and saltmarshes in England, with an extra annual £75 million funding boost to the new and existing National Park authorities to help manage the programme.

Years of Tory austerity have had a devastating impact on our natural world with the UK set to miss almost all of its international biodiversity targets. Wildlife populations are collapsing. Labour’s Plan for Nature provides the vision needed to kick start the recovery and protection of our natural world.

Since 2010 the Conservative government has cut the annual funding to National Park authorities by 20 per cent. Labour will increase the funding by 50 per cent in order to enable the Parks to provide natural solutions to the climate and environment emergency.

Labour created the first national parks, and we’ll create ten more, giving people the access to the green spaces so vital for our collective wellbeing and mental health

In addition £2.5bn will be available for tree planting in National Parks and the National Forest, as well as urban parks, farmland, community woodlands, schools and publicly owned land.

These plans alongside restored parks, pathways, cycle routes and canals will create ‘natural corridors’ which will allow animal migrations, seed dispersal and provide habitats in their own right.

It is estimated 20,000 new green jobs will be created in forestry management and timber trades as part of Labour’s plans for one million green jobs under its Green Industrial Revolution programme for government.

This election is our last chance to tackle the climate and environment emergency.

It’s time for real change, it’s time for a Labour government.