District councillor, Michael Thompson, and Charford resident, Keith Jones, are calling on BDHT to take immediate action to address the pathways and car parks thehy own in the Charford area.

Mr Jones’ wife, Lynda, is registered disabled. The pathway behind her house that leads to the car park is uneven and near impossible to use with the support aid Lynda uses to walk. There is no lowered curb to the car park, and the car park is littered with potholes.

Cllr Thompson has appealed twice to BDHT who still will not take immediate action to sort this problem.

Cllr Thompson: “The pathway is lethal. BDHT’s decision not to address this problem is heartless. In this day and age it is appalling that Lynda, who is registered disabled, has to walk across this terrain every time she wants to go out. Both the pathway and carpark should be properly resurfaced, the curb from the pathway should be lowered and Lynda should have a disabled parking place near the entrance to her house.”

Betty Neeson, the elderly mother of a Charford resident, recently fell badly on the pathway behind the Jones’ because of the uneven surface. BDHT were required to pay out compensation. Other pathways in Charford, owned the county council, have recently been surfaced, thanks to Councillor Chris Bloore, who used his division fund to ensure all council owned pathways were safe.