Statement from Cllr Peter McDonald:

“It’s hard to believe that cost of the so-called improvements carried out at Lydiate Ash Island cost an estimated £815,000.

I have had several residents approached me regarding its cost as they could see little improvement. I certainly agree with them as it would seem the only noticeable change was the felling of trees, which will now be replaced by saplings. £815,000 is a considerable amount of money to fell a few trees and then have them replaced by saplings.

With schools crying out for IT devices to enable students to be able to participate in remote learning, the money would have comfortably funded the purchase of IT devices for the 600 plus students in dire need of laptops and nutritional meals for those receiving free school meals.

This is a clear example of tarmac coming before the wellbeing of those in need of support and those responsible for wasting tax payers money should consider their position.“