Statement from Labour Group leader at Bromsgrove Council, Cllr Peter McDonald:

“Just what is going on when our MP becomes a part-time Member of Parliament for Bromsgrove and ignores the concerns and issues residents of Bromsgrove have.

Being an MP is supposed to be a full-time job. Sajid Javid is supposed to be there in parliament to stand for the voices of Bromsgrove not J. P. Morgan.

He was elected to serve the people of the Bromsgrove not J. P. Morgan. By working for J. P. Morgan he is clearly not committed to the people of Bromsgrove who elected him, to serve them not some bank. He clearly has not committed himself to the people of Bromsgrove as promised at election time, but will only be too pleased to still pick up his £81,932 a year plus expenses, not bad for a part-time job.

While our MP beefs up his bank account many people in Bromsgrove would only be too pleased to pick up a third of his MP’s salary. He is treating his constituents with contempt.

Quite clearly, he cannot survive on his MP’s salary which a great number of us could only dream of earning and yet he needs a top up from J. P. Morgan. It is time he stopped treating his constituents with contempt resigned and let someone else represent us who is committed to Bromsgrove.

If that is not bad enough as a past minister he has privilege information that people do not have which could benefit J. P. Morgan: it is deplorable and outrageous for an ex minister to act this way.”