Dear Cllr Adrian Hardman

As you are no doubt aware the Council have not given a date when Day Centres will re-open and if they will open.

Parents/ Carers are finding it hard to cope because of the pandemic receiving little or no respite and many are at breaking point. Therefore, after months of no respite and loved ones with nowhere to go it is critical that day Centres are now opened: as social distance measures could be put in place as is common practice in all such venues.

In-house day centres such as Wendron are essential for the health and emotional/mental well-being of the individual. While consistency and routine are fundamental for some individuals, others may find change and challenges stimulating, day centres can provide person centred support plans to meet all needs.  Opportunities for social interaction, companionship, building friendships, sharing enjoyable experiences, looking out for each other, are as important as physical care.

Covid-19 has been very difficult for people with challenging behaviour or high-level autism. They have missed the structure their day centre provides. It has been particularly distressing for their parent or carer and has proved how essential a day centre place is.  Although, aware that there is a shortage of provision for people with challenging behaviour or high-level autism, however, currently there are no alternative day centres in the private sector who have this provision. It is crucial for in-house day centres to re-open as soon as possible.

I cannot emphasise enough the pressure and stresses Parent/Carers are having to endear because their loved ones cannot go to the Centres and they cannot cope much more without respite and are at breaking point.

I am sure you fully understand the consequences of not re-opening the centres and like myself, Parents/ Carers/ realise the Centres must open before some users find themselves in full-time care because Parents/ Carers can no longer cope.

Therefore, I am asking for you to please give a date when the Centres will open and thus reassuring that Parents/Carers will receive respite and their loved ones somewhere positive to go.

Yours Sincerely

Cllr Peter McDonald