For the last 20 years, Worcestershire has been run by the Conservatives. In the last 11 years with a Conservative controlled government nationally. This period has seen the county stagnate and a significant reduction in services to all people in Worcestershire.

We wish to change things, to bring a more localised way of governing which works for Worcestershire and not just for Whitehall.

Labour wishes to see people in Social Care accommodation treated with dignity without having to change care homes due to lack of funding. We want the Care sector which could impact on the life of your mother, grandmother, father or grandfather properly funded by central government and freeing up resources for other areas of council investment and provision. In the wake of Covid, we want people to feel healthy and safe in Care Homes.

Labour wishes to see a less centralised way of running the council, with more emphasis put in our new remote way of working on local centres such as Evesham, Bromsgrove, Malvern, Redditch and the Wyre Forest. People in these areas ask, “What do we get from the County Council?” We will aim to provide them with a positive perspective of Local Government.

Labour wants a public transport system in Worcestershire that is effective and allows people to use it for school, work and pleasure.

We want education to be enhanced for people throughout life and the uses of our libraries with new books and computer facilities at the centre of this learning.

We wish to strengthen and expand our Environmental and Trading Standards team, to protect the people of Worcestershire from pollution and dangerous goods. We wish this service to become self funding.

Labour in Worcestershire will put the environment and a greener county at the centre of everything which we do and in our first Council Meeting after the election we will declare a “Climate Emergency” and put in place policies to make us carbon neutral by 2040.

Finally we want to ensure that nobody in Worcestershire goes hungry and would aim to  create the conditions in our society which means that Foodbanks become a thing of the past.

Worcestershire needs sensible and stable change. Labour working with others can improve your lives and end the generation of austerity and inertia. Let the 2020’s in our county be a time of recovery and renewal! Join us in bringing about these vital changes.

Cllr Robin Lunn

Leader of Worcestershire Labour Group


Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, all local, Mayoral and Police & Crime Commission elections due to be held on the 6th May 2020 have been delayed for a year, they are now expected to be held at the same time as the elections previously scheduled for 2021, which in Bromsgrove will for Worcestershire County Council.


Defibrillator for The New Cofton Hackett Village Hall

Defibrillator for The New Cofton Hackett Village Hall

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Reinstatement of Child Bollards

Reinstatement of Child Bollards

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New Benches

New Benches

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Residents being turned away at the tip

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Keir Starmer was elected leader of the Labour Party in April 2020, you can read about Keir by clicking here.



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