Parking Charges at Waseley Hills Country Park

Parking Charges at Waseley Hills Country Park

Statement from Cllr Peter McDonald: "Worcestershire County Council some time ago brought in policy not to charge at its country parks.  This led to the withdrawing of parking charges on another country park owned and run by Worcestershire County Council: Worcester...

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More Civil Enforcement Officers Required

Comments from Cllr Peter McDonald: “Rubery resembles the wild west at times with vehicles parked all over the place, on double yellow lines, zig zags and fully on the pavement, forcing people to walk in the road. Unfortunately, you must give the enforcement officers...

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Dangerous Parking Outside Lickey School

Dangerous Parking Outside Lickey School

Statement from Cllr Peter McDonald: "Inconsiderate and dangerous parking along the Old Birmingham Road is increasingly causing problems around Lickey School, putting the safety of children and others at risk. Cars parking inconsiderately or on zigzag lines causing...

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Installation of EV Charger in Rubery

Installation of EV Charger in Rubery

Rubery is moving into the era of electric cars. With a EV Charger being installed very shortly in the High Street. It is not in my opinion going to be in the most suitable location, but at least we will have charging facilities. The cost of the charger is being funded...

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Holding Government to account and fighting Austerity in Conservative strongholds – A Manifesto for effective opposition

Cllr Harrison Rone-Clarke gives a fascinating insight into being both a Councillor and activist in a safe Conservative seat as well as offering a manifesto for affecting change under such conditions. Harrison has written for ‘Periscope Nottingham”, which is an independent media organisation covering issues of the 21st century whether that be capitalism’s tendency to crisis and the rise of fascism or public health crises and environmental catastrophe.

You can read Harrison’s full feature by clicking here.

Keir Starmer was elected leader of the Labour Party in April 2020, you can read about Keir by clicking here.


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