Rubery North Ward

“It has been five months since I had a surgery and to ensure residents can still have that opportunity I have organised a Virtual Surgery for Saturday 8th August, between and 12am. The surgery will be held via Zoom, for the ID and Password residents can email me:

If there are several residents who want to see me at the same time a queuing system will be in operation to ensure all those wanting to speak to me can. This will be the first of its kind in the County and hopefully if successful there will be many more.”

Cllr Perer McDonald


Equality Within Worcestershire County Council

Comments from Cllr Peter McDonald: “I was somewhat shocked and disappointed in the light of the recognition throughout Europe that black lives matter and the acceptance that they are not treated in the same manner white people are. Therefore, I believe it is important...

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People Camping Overnight on The Beacon

People Camping Overnight on The Beacon

Statement from Cllr Peter McDonald with regards to the Beacon Hill: “Local residents were appalled, shocked and saddened at the state in which Beacon Hill has been left following this weekend. After reports of gangs of youths camping over the weekend. Once again the...

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George Floyd’s life should matter

George Floyd’s life should matter

Following the brutal killing of George Floyd by ex-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, people have been left wondering about the best way to help. Beyond posting supportive Instagram messages, the path forwards is via learning more about history, acknowledging...

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The death of George Floyd and the resulting protests

The death of George Floyd and the resulting protests

Rock Hill Councillor, Harrison Rone-Clarke has written to Bromsgrove Council leader with regards to the murder of George Floyd and the resulting protests: Dear Cllr May, I’m writing to you with  that have taken place in mind... As I’m sure you’ll agree, rooting out...

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ARTRIX petition reaches over 4000 signatures

The petition started by Bromsgrove Labour Party member and Chair Rory Shannon topped over 4000 names in just over a month.

Bromsgrove Advertiser has ran a story about the petition, to read it click here.

Holding Government to account and fighting Austerity in Conservative strongholds – A Manifesto for effective opposition

Cllr Harrison Rone-Clarke gives a fascinating insight into being both a Councillor and activist in a safe Conservative seat as well as offering a manifesto for affecting change under such conditions. Harrison has written for ‘Periscope Nottingham”, which is an independent media organisation covering issues of the 21st century whether that be capitalism’s tendency to crisis and the rise of fascism or public health crises and environmental catastrophe.

You can read Harrison’s full feature by clicking here.

Keir Starmer was elected leader of the Labour Party in April 2020, you can read about Keir by clicking here.


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