Labour’s plan for tackling violent crime

Yesterday, Labour announced plans to expand 18 Violence Reduction Units with an average of 20 additional officers each, in police forces tackling the highest rates of gang related violent crime. In April 2018, Labour announced its support for Violence Reduction Units...

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Labour’s plan for new national parks in England

Today, Labour will announce plans to create ten new National Nature Parks in its first term and plant two billion new trees by 2040, in order to tackle the climate and environment emergency. As set out in its ‘Plan for Nature’, Labour will invest £1.2bn to restore...

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Labour launches its Race and Faith Manifesto

Today, Jeremy Corbyn, Dawn Butler and Diane Abbott will launch Labour’s most ambitious Race and Faith Manifesto. The new manifesto is ambitious and transformative, pushing back on nearly a decade of Tory austerity and policies that have decimated BAME and faith-based...

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