Statement from Cllr Peter McDonald:

“Worcestershire County Council some time ago brought in policy not to charge at its country parks.  This led to the withdrawing of parking charges on another country park owned and run by Worcestershire County Council: Worcester Woods. One would have expected charges at Waseley Hills Country Park to have been withdrawn, but this has not been the case.

The County have a duty to promote public health, to encourage walking, running and physical activity, the site attracts people from a wide area, we should not be making it difficult for people in hard times to access the countryside centre, we should be opening it up by withdrawing parking charges.

It cannot be right to continue to charge for parking at Waseley Hills while other parks in the ownership of the County allow free parking. It cannot be justified for it is clearly discriminating, unfair and unreasonable to expect people of Rubery to be treated with such contempt.

Residents of Rubery pay the same amount of council tax as the rest of Worcestershire yet are being treated as second class citizens. I have called upon the Chief Executive to ensure the Council’s policy of not charging in their country parks includes Waseley Hills, to ensure fairness and that residents of Rubery are no longer discriminated against.”