Comments from Cllr Peter McDonald:

“It really does beggar belief that the police who originally requested a child bollard be place outside Lickey Hills School at is precise location, are now objecting to it being reinstated in the same location they requested.

Sometime ago the County Council started to remove all Child bollards that warned motorists they were approaching a school. Under the guise that they were not kite marked and thus dangerous.

Campaigning with local residents we managed to stop the Council removing any more than two: one of those was outside Lickey Hills School. It was soon proven that they were not a hazard and safe. It was then agreed that the child bollards would be replace. However, the County Council is stating they cannot and will not replace the one outside Lickey School, because of police objection. Although, the police have the audacity to state there should be a bollard there but not in the shape of a child

The child bollards have been very successful in making motorists aware there is not just a school entrance but that they have entered a 30mph a restriction. Local residents and the Parish Council want the child bollard reinstated, but police crass stupidity is stopping this happening and therefore putting children at risk. One minute the police request it and state how successful it is and the next they want it removed.

It’s time the police listened to parents, local councillors and local residents and withdraw any objection and make a positive contribution to the safety of children.”