Councillor Peter McDonald has made the following comments with regards to Bromsgrove Councils refusal to hold Full Council meetings:

“While other Councils are having Full Council Meetings remotely where the public can be part of the meeting, Bromsgrove Council refuse to organise them. The Council is acting as though it is an oligarchy refusing lay councillors to question their actions and speak up on behalf of those who elected them.  At the moment there is a small group having total power and control over the Council with no regard whatsoever for other elected members of the Council.

The Council’s defence is that they do not have the technical know how to organise Full Council Meeting successfully, although, planning and other meetings are held remotely. Even Redditch Council who share the same IT and officers with Bromsgrove Council have arranged a Full Council Meeting.

The Tory controlled Council is using the pandemic as an excuse to refuse Full Council Meetings and take full control of the Council while at the same time being accountable to no one.  It begs the question just what has the Council got to hide? So far the Tory controlled Council has cancelled two Full Council Meetings and states it will not be ready for a meeting until at least September.

The Labour Group is calling upon the Leader of the Council to act democratically and have respect for our democratic structures and be open and transparent, not portraying itself as some third world country obsessed with power and allow democracy to flourish, with the return of Full Council Meetings.”