Comments from Cllr Peter McDonald:

“It’s been a long-time campaigning to have the two Child Bollards outside our schools reinstated, but the good news is we have been successful. One at Lickey School has been reinstated, although, not in its original place; its new location it still makes motorists aware of children. The other bollard is to be reinstated at Beaconside School

It’s hard to believe that they were removed in the first place, which was followed by outrage which stopped the County Council in its tracks from their objective to remove all child Bollards from our schools.

The bollards had been successful in reducing accidents; making motorists aware of young children. No one could understand the County Council’s logic in removing them in the first place: it was act of crass stupidity. An investigation is now underway into why they were removed and the manner in which they were removed.

It is hopeful the outcome of the investigation will explain why the Council acted the way they did in removing the child bollards that had been so successful in addressing child safety outside schools.”