Sudden Closure of Romsley Tip.

Cllr Peter McDonald says:

“The sudden closure of the tip cause mayhem with people having nowhere to go to dump their rubbish. Having no notice of its closure will no doubt lead to more fly-tipping and of course a financial cost to the Council to clear it up.

To close the tip in such a manner is irresponsible as the County Council are fully aware of the consequences of closing the tip with more fly-tipping posing a threat to humans and wildlife, damages our environment, and spoils our enjoyment of our towns and countryside.

Local authorities are responsible for collecting waste an ensuring there is a means for residents to get rid of their waste. Sending people all the way to Redditch when they have a recycling center on their door step is madness.

If the tip cannot cope with the number of people using it with Covid-19 restrictions in place then they should be considering a booking system, but to just close it out of hand cannot be justified.

The County Council needs to reflect on its actions and re-open the tip immediately,”