Cllr Peter McDonald has given the follow statement with regards to shop workers:

“Abuse against shop workers by customers has doubled since the corona virus outbreak began, a survey has found. The findings came from shop-workers’ union USDAW, which carried out a survey after the initial spate of panic-buying stripped supermarket shelves.

Many shop workers said that they suffered continuing anxiety. Many reported struggling to make ends meet on low pay and having to claim universal credit to survive. These workers have been recognised as key workers during the crisis, providing an essential service in staffing stores, supermarkets and distribution warehouses or by working as delivery drivers.

Many workers admitted: “Work has become mentally draining in a way I have never experienced before”. Many workers stated they had become exhausted and feel deflated. They noticed that customers will distance from each other but not from them, which makes them feel they are not even human. USDAW quite rightly wants a “new deal” for shop workers including a minimum wage of £10 an hour, legislation to protect them from abuse, guaranteed working hours and an end to zero-hours contracts.

At the first District Council Meeting I will be calling upon all councillors to support shop workers facing abuse by calling upon our MP to call for emergency legislation to be passed to offer legal protection to these workers.”