Statement from Cllr Peter McDonald:

“The Tory Controlled Council in its obsession with outsourcing is handing over the Car Park that feeds ASDA to ASDA for the next five years on a rental agreement. This means the council has lost control of one of the main car parks in the Town Centre.

Like all those organisations that take over the running of services they will want to make a profit and that will mean one of two things: getting a really good rental deal or increasing parking charges. No matter what we the public will suffer.

It’s not like you need to be a professor to run a car park, the belief that a business can run it better makes no sense, but that of giving way to big business no matter the cost to residents. It will not be too long before the charges are increased to ensure a profit, then all the other car parks will follow suit run by the Council, so the ASDA car park does not look out of kilter. It’s shameful for such an asset to be gobbled up by big business.”