Earlier this week, Labour County Councillor Peter McDonald made the flowing statement with regards to Unqualified Personnel Delivering the ‘Prevention And Early Intervention Service. Peter said “Research has shown the importance of early intervention in helping children and families experiencing problems that if not dealt with at an early stage can escalate into something more serious. Not just from an economic perspective, early intervention is an investment that can be evaluated in terms of its costs and the benefits it yields through improvements in the quality of children’s lives and indirect returns to the community, such as reduced special education costs.

Early intervention can consist of intensive home visiting for first time young mothers, breast feeding support, nursing and supporting families experiencing drug and alcohol abuse. However, the County Council have decided to outsource this vital service and Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust has been awarded the contract as the lead Provider. They have in turn farmed the work out to four charities to actually provide the service.

What is shocking about this is, that those carrying out such a vital and important service will not be qualified or accredited in any way, will just do around six weeks training and that is it. It is shocking and outrageous that such an important and vital service should be done on the cheap; anyone involved in early intervention should be qualified to do so.

It is outrageous that personnel who enter peoples home especially those that are going through some difficult times should receive help and advice by those that are not qualified.

We should not be allowing unqualified staff to be carrying out such services to the most vulnerable within our communities: it just shocking and outrageous to do so. I have asked that this be looked into immediately.”