Cllr Peter McDonald has made the following comments with regards to Worcestershire County Council wasting valuable Police time and resources.

“Yesterday the retiring chairman handed over the Chain of Office to his successor, an event which normally takes place in the Council Chamber at County Hall, but on this occasion the meeting was taking place on Zoom because of the Covid restrictions.

The Police provided a motorcyclist to transport the chain from the retiring Chairman’s Home to the home of the newly elected Chairman, just so it could be worn during the meeting.

The Chain is of no great monitory value and it was not like the police were transporting a donor’s organ for a transplant. The police were used as courier service when the chain could have been transported by officers of the Council or fellow councillors. It really does beggar belief that the police could have been used in such away. No doubt the new chairman may well use the police for a takeaway next.

Using valuable resources such as the police for such an event that was not life or death cannot be justified and hopefully the new Chairman will fork out for the cost of the polices time. The police transporting the chain reminds one of the activities one would find in Toy Town.”