Simon Nicholls

Simon Nicholls has spent many years working within voluntary, statutory, private sector and faith-based organisations locally, nationally and internationally. His qualifications in Play, Youth and Community Work are built on years of practice working with people of all ages and backgrounds in different spheres and communities. As a qualified teacher of adults he specialises in personal development courses with male groups and mixed groups.

Simon states that ‘there are key elements of responsible citizenship, strong community-based organisations and effective and responsive services … the most important is an understanding of power and that collective action is the way to change the balance of power in the community.’

Simon believes that personal and community growth emerges from the opportunity for the individual and group to “grasp the nettle of change” and grow strong for the benefit of all around so we become ‘creators of change, not consumers of change’

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Peter McDonald

“It is an honour and a privilege to once again stand as County Councillor for the Beacon Division.

I am proud to have lived in the area I represent for over sixty years and to have attended local schools.

I have worked relentlessly with local residents on many campaigns: 202 bus, keeping our Library open, 5 ton weight restriction, reinstating a police officer and CSO who had been removed and successfully stopping the Council removing Child Bollards from outside our schools.

Campaigning with local residents at the moment to have parking charges removed from Waseley Hills Country Park in line with other Country Parks throughout the County.

I have always believed that action speaks louder than words”

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Bromsgrove Central

Jane Elledge

“I have lived in Bromsgrove for nearly 20 years having moved here in 2001 – our children have grown up here and we all enjoy being part of this lovely town.  I love spending time with family, gardening, walking and discussing issues of the day!  .

It is time for a change from the lack of action and improvement under the Tories.  Bromsgrove Central, as well as the wider parts of the district, deserve better. If elected I would be honoured to serve the people of Bromsgrove Central. I would be your voice in the County Council chamber, protecting and improving our community.”

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Bromsgrove East

Mattie Osborne

“I’m Mattie, and I’m a local resident to the area having lived here verging on 23 years. As a young person, I believe that it is imperative to step forward in representing the local community effectively and being a consistent, visible voice for our most vulnerable. I believe that through community spirit and communication that we can better Bromsgrove East – from local initiatives to support our small businesses, to fighting for improvements and repairs of our lanes – to ensure that our county council better serves people, whether they’re from anywhere in our ward or beyond”

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Bromsgrove South

Abdul Jilani

“My name is Abdul Jilani. I have been living in Bromsgrove, married with four daughters. I am the prospective candidate for the County Council election on the 6th of May 2021, for the Bromsgrove South division.

Other than being involved in politics, I have been a very successful Businessman and Entrepreneur in the catering and hospitality sector, I am also a small property investor. After having years of experience as a councillor, along with the ability to solve hard situations, I will use my resilient nature to make a positive difference to the division. South Bromsgrove hasn’t received the investment it deserves in order to improve the area. There are many roads and footpaths that need improvement.

I will work with the highways department to stay vigilant with issues surrounding dangerous roads and potholes. My Labour colleagues have also been putting pressure on the County Council for a western relief road to be built. I will do my upmost to campaign for the approval of this.

Public transport is very poor in Bromsgrove, not having had substantial investment. The whole district is suffering due to this and I will again fight for the improvement of this issue. Some other key issues include anti-social behaviour. I will be working very closely with the police and appropriate organisations to solve any recurring concerns. There are some issues surrounding dog fouling which I will also tackle. I will speak to people from this area, through meetings, zoom calls and social media. I will listen to the voice of the community, helping us solve these problems, together.

I know that there are still areas that need improvement and investment, and I will not stop campaigning to achieve this within the local areas across South Bromsgrove.”

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Bromsgrove West

Luke Mallett

Luke has been the Labour County Councillor for Bromsgrove West since 2013 (and Bromsgrove Council since 2011).
Living locally in Bromsgrove, he has campaigned on a range of issues including the need for investment in the town centre, parking charges, the Western Relief Road and the development proposals at Whitford and Perryfields. Luke says “Local residents know at first hand the impact of traffic and air pollution on the west of Bromsgrove, it’s vital we keep campaigning on these issues.”
Luke believes that Worcestershire needs a Labour-run County Council that works in the interests of all of the residents of Worcestershire.

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Clent Hills

Alan Cooper

“I am standing for election because I am a community person. I strongly believe in local democracy, in enabling people of all backgrounds and social standing to be able to have their say in improving their area. I would not be a member of the Labour party if I didn’t believe in fairness, equality and social democracy.
I have a background in industry and HE/FE, a qualified engineer and educationalist. I have the ability to mix with people of all levels. I believe that education is the key to improving the life of people. Not just formal education but the education that comes from being able to make decisions by having information available that is unbiased and factual.”

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Bren Henderson

“I will be standing as Labour’s candidate for Woodvale and ask for your support.
I have lived in Bromsgrove now for twenty-five years, having moved here from London, one of the best decisions that we, as a family made – I love our town and the area surrounding it and I am very proud to live here. Representing this community at County Hall would be an honour and I would look forward to fighting for the interests of all residents. I raised my three children in the town and have wide experience of the locality and the many facilities and services provided – it is this familiarity that will give me a solid foundation in serving you as your representative.”

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Tony Maslen

More details on Tony coming soon….

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