Cllr Harrison Rone-Clarke, the spokesperson for Environment for the Bromsgrove Labour Group has contacted Worcestershire Environmental Services to enquire about air pollution monitoring across the district and the effects of the lockdown on air quality.

‘I have been informed that Worcestershire Regulatory Services have been unable to continue monitoring air-pollution owing to the Covid-19 pandemic; this is an unfortunate missed opportunity.’

‘Those of us who have been calling for radical action to tackle the climate emergency for some time acknowledge that we cannot simply return to ‘business as usual’ when this crisis blows over; Coronavirus has changed things forever.’

‘I look forward to getting back to work, to a cross-party partnership with the administration and other political groups to take the bold action required to ensure that we are carbon-neutral by 2030.’

‘All aspects of government, local and national have rightly been mobilised to tackle this crisis head on, proving it can be done; we have to be prepared to do the same for the existential crisis of climate change.’