Statement from Labour Group Leader, Cllr Peter Mcdonald:

Those living in the North of Worcestershire should not be charged for parking at the Waseley Hills Country Park. Bringing them in line with those who live further South of Worcestershire who are not charged for parking at Worcester Woods Country Park.

It will enable people to access Waseley Hills Country Park without having to pay two pounds fifty to park their car. Encouraging more people to enjoy the hills and stop the discrimination between Worcester Woods Country Park which is free of charges and Waseley Hills Country Park.

The residents of Worcestershire all pay the same Council Tax and should all be treated fairly: having the same importance as other Council Tax payers and have equal access to all the County Parks in the ownership of Worcestershire County Council free of parking charges.

Therefore, I have started a petition: calling upon Worcestershire County Council to remove all parking charges at its Waseley Hills Country Park in line with Worcester Woods Country Park. Ensuring that Waseley Hills Country Park is treated no differently to that of Worcester Woods Country Park.

Click here to sign my petition.